Yirro Self Cleaning Dental Mirror
Dental Practice Management

Self cleaning Dental mirror system – Based on Air flow & HR mirrors

The dental mirror –  An essential tool

A dental mirror is an essential tool for any kind of dental procedures, whether this is a simple cleaning or a full-on operation. A dental mirror is not only used to examine teeth and for indirect visual during treatments, but also it is often used to retract soft tissue [tongue and cheeks] during certain procedures. Effective use of a dental mirror allows dentists a clear view of the working space without impinging on the nearby tissue or pinching lips, which can be painful for patients. If a dentists is working with indirect view, the working posture can be more upright, thus decreasing the physical load of lower back and neck significantly.

Directing and Reflecting the Light

Dental mirrors are not only used for mere reflection but they are a great tool for trans illumination; when directing the light from behind through the teeth, craze lines and calculus deposits are more easily detected. The use of HR mirrors [High Reflection] offers the dentist even a better reflection and trans-illumination. When used at the back elements, an HR mirrors can direct the light into the darkest areas of the mouth and still offer excellent view. It has been shown that working with an HR mirror allows the dentist to lower the luminescence of the lamp, resulting into a noticeable decrease of eye fatigue at the end of the day. Most dental professionals enjoy the advantages of higher quality mirrors for reasons of quality and comfort …

Dirty surface – Need for cleaning

Undoubtedly, a dental mirror is an extremely vital tool, but too often the mirror surface becomes dirty with debris or spray, which is where the need for a dental mirror cleaning device arose. Our goal was a design for a dental mirror that would allow the dentist to work with continuos indirect view, eliminating the need to stop and clean the mirror by hand. Dentists frequently stop a procedure in order to clean the dental mirror, which not only disrupts their work flow, but can also be highly unhygienic, in case the mirror surface is wiped off by a non-sterile cloth. On top of that: it causes time consuming delays …

Yirro: A controllable air flow cleaning the mirror surface

When using Yirro, the mirror surface is constantly blown clean. The controllable air flow enables the dentist to work more comfortable and efficiently with a continuous indirect visual. The universal Yirro system is to be connected to compressed air and is easy to install on any dental unit. All Yirro start sets come with an ergonomic docking station and four practical detachable mirrors that are easy to clean and reuse.

99% Reflection

Every Yirro self cleaning ultra reflective HR-mirror is comprised of a multi-layered dielectric coating, offering not only extreme clarity [>99%] but also a high degree of color accuracy. [When directing a laser pointer on the Yirro mirror surface and compare it to a regular dental mirror, the result is very convincing.] The Yirro mirror surface is protected by a water-repellent and scratch resistant coating, resistant to the chemicals and high temperatures of regular dental cleaning and sterilization procedures. Yirro mirrors are designed to be re-used for a longer time.

Ergonomic, light weight grips

The elegant and light weight Yirro handles are manufactured from a durable medical plastic. It has been scientifically proven that the use of a handle diameter between 9 -11 mm will result into less muscle tension in fingers and wrest when compared to the use of handles with a smaller diameter. For this reason Yirro handles have been designed in a thoroughly chosen diameter of 10.5 mm, offering comfortable and loose grip. Moreover, even with the assembled air coupling a Yirro mirror weighs just about 17 gms, which is 37% less than an average dental mirror [> 27 gms].

Compact and easy to position

The elongated Yirro mirrors are easy to place; especially at back elements, where hardly any space is available. Their compact shape offers the benefit of extra space to position other instruments in working areas that are very small. Due to the air flow cleaning the mirror surface, Yirro mirrors are more easily kept in position at the back; there is no need to place them somewhat further away in order to avoid spray. In fact, lots of scratches on mirror surfaces arise from a quick withdrawal of mirrors in order to avoid damage….

Yirro: The Best alternative 

Previously, dentists and assistants were constantly busy cleaning dental mirrors during the so-called wet stage, during which at times the visibility and access on the work area would be clogged due to the presence of the multi-function syringe. When using Yirro-plus self cleaning dental mirrors, this is no longer the case: an uninterrupted visibility of the surgical field is preserved. Yirro-plus simply offers the best alternative for dentists when comparing all relevant aspects such as a superb reflection, continuous view, compact size, low weight, low price, low decibels, hygiene, universal installation, durability, an exquisite design and the overall comfort. Last but not least: it’s simplicity of non-moving parts is a guarantee for non-maintenance.