Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough S/M KIT

SOFRELINER TOUGH S (Soft) M (Medium), addition cured silicone chairside soft lining material for dentures, distributor of Tokuyama composites, dental, medical, and healthcare products, services and supplies

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SOFRELINER TOUGH® S (Soft) /M (Medium)


  • Pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone and atrophy of mucosa
  • Poor retention caused by extreme ridge atrophy
  • Major undercuts or maxillary/mandibular tori
  • Retention of over dentures before the final attachment is placed
  • Temporary relining or tissue conditioning(s) S Kit



  • Excellent Durability
  • Strong adhesion
  • High tear/stain/wear resistance
  • Auto-dispensing system/ No hand mixing 


  • Kit (M): Paste (base/27g and catalyst/27g), Primer (10mL), Drip-Cap for Primer, 10 Mixing tip XS, Spatula, Brushe, Plastic cup, Shape adjustment point (White), Finishing point (Brown)
  • Kit(S): Paste(base/27gandcatalyst/27g),Primer(10mL),Drip-CapforPrimer,10MixingtipXS,Spatula,Brushe,Plasticcup,Coarsepoint(Black), Finishing wheel (Brown)
  • Refill: Paste M/S (base/27g and catalyst/27g), Primer (10mL), Mixing tip XS (50 pcs), Mixing tip S (50 pcs), Shape adjustment point (White, 3 pcs, for M) Finishing point (Brown, 6 pcs, for M) , SOFRELINER TOUCH S FINISHING SYSTEM (Coaese Pont (Black), 5 Finishing wheel) 

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