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 Air cleaners & air purifiers

Air cleaners & air purifiers

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A highly efficient air cleaner for use in all types indoor environment.  HEPA filters come in a range ‘Filter Classes’  ranging from E10, for the least efficient EPA filter to U17 to the most efficient ULPA filter, and should meet one of these standards.

This air purifier features a H13/Molecular filter which is the same level of filtration that is used in a hospital operating theatre.  The molecular filter will also reduce a range of harmful gases including formaldehyde and NO2.

  • Combination Absolute HEPA/Molecular Filters
  • Removal of unwanted smells
  • Reduces harmful gases including formaldehyde and NO2
  • Reduces allergies such as hay fever and pet/dust allergies
  • Healthier employees
  • Low energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact

How does it work?

The air passes through the pattern of holes on both sides of the unit and through the HEPA filters.  These remove 99.95% of all particles down to the size of 0.3 micro-meter.  The molecular filter then eliminates odours and gases.  Clean air – free of particles, pollutants, gases and odours is dispersed in all directions.

ECARF – seal of quality. 

it has been awarded ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certification for it ability to significantly reduce level of pollen, bacteria and mould spores in the air. The unit also reduces harmful gases including Formaldehyde and NO2.

Quick and Easy Filter Changes.

Filter changes only take a minute.  Simply take off the lid, take out the used filter and replace with new ones. The filters are of a very high quality with a large surface area. The larger the area the more particles it can hold without the filter getting clogged up – thus improving effectiveness and reducing maintenance. All filters meet ISO 10121-2 and EN1822-2009 standards and have a filter class of H13.

Not only does this Air Cleaner help keep the air clean for visitors and staff it can also significantly reduce the cleaning requirements.We know how controlling humidity can help reduce mold – using an air cleaner is also highly effective in removing existing spores.

Air cleaners & air purifiers
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