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Cattani Turbo-Jet 2 Suction

Cattani Turbo-Jet 2 Suction

Manufactured By:Cattani

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Product Code:CATTUR02

Turbo-Jet is a powerful and effective aspiration and air/fluid separation system that is made for continuous use. European dentists have been using Turbo-Jet systems since 1967.

Quieter suction – reduce tiring noise in your surgery

The Turbo-Jet has a quiet suction motor, and is quieter still with an acoustic cabinet or by placing the machine in a cupboard near the dental chair.

Safer surgery – clean air, clean pipes

With Turbo-Jet, smelly contaminated air taken from the patient’s mouth is piped outside. Safer and more pleasant for patients and staff, better for the compressor.

Simple – uncomplicated, reliable machinery

Turbo-Jet uses simple, proven concepts in its mechanics and circuitry. It is easy to operate and maintain. 

Compact and versatile

Turbo-Jet comes in a variety of shapes and is small enough to fit into a cupboard close to the dental chair. 

Cattani Turbo-Jet 2 Suction
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