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Rolence Enterprise Inc. established in 1981 is a Taiwan-based designer and manufacturer of dental equipment's. Rolence sells its products in over 80 countries, and works with the mission of bringing more cost-effective and user-friendly dental products to meet the dentists' needs. Rolence team continues to research and develop innovative products for dental clinicians to make their dental practice more efficient and profitable.

Lower light intensity may cause insufficient adhesion of bonding material, poor polymerization of resin-based composite which may result in fracture, micro-leakage, sensitivity, and recurrent caries, unable to resist wear in function, unable to be polished, unable to maintain their luster and color.

Choose a high-energy output curing light to improve Clinical Results through Light-Curing!
A high light-energy device in hand is the key to ensure the quality and durability of the restorations when light-curing resin adhesives, resin-based composites, resin cements, and other light-activated restorative materials.


  • 1,400 mW/cm2 light intensity output; light energy rarely declines
  • 5 seconds can cure a 2-mm-thick resin composite specimen
  • Autoclavable Curing tip rotates 360°for curing at any position of mouth
  • Versatile fiber optic curing tip optional
  • Digital timer display, multiple mode selection
  • Two button easy operation
  • Quiet operation, fan-free design
  • Can be used both cordless and corded
  • Rechargeable lithium battery inside supports at least 200 cycles 10 second exposure when being fully charged 
  • Slim and ergonomic handpiece for most comfortable hand-holding

Technical Info:

It is officially reported that a minimum light-energy output of 300 mW/cm2 is necessary to cure a 2-mm-thick resin composite specimen. Please do not use those low-energy curing lights, and dispose of them immediately. To maintain optimal performance, please check your curing light's intensity regularly by a light radiometer.

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