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FARO Alya LED Dental Light

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The LED-Technology FARO masterpiece is now even better

The state of the art of LED technology ultimate generation. Powerful and reliable, Alya dental light is equipped with thepatented FARO triaxial movement and optical system, with the renewed removable and autoclavable handles and with a sophisticated electronic device for a better control of the lighting spot. Also, a new electronic board ensures theperfect compatibility with the video acquisition systems and the diagnostic tools, that nowadays are even more common in the dental practices.

LED dental operating light Alya
One Lamp for all needs
The new beautifully designed and ergonomic joints are made of solid aluminum alloy and then painted. They allow, with a simple twist, to  mount Alya dental LED light both on the dental unit and on the ceiling. The new pin for insertion in the column of the dental unit is  easily replaceable with pins of different diameter giving the possibility to install Alya on every brand of dental units.
Patented optical project with reflected light
Alya dental light, thanks to its exclusive optical project with reflected light, and through the 258 small reflecting facets included in each of the two parables, avoids the direct vision of the 2 LEDs, creating a 180 x 90 mm spotlight area absolutely uniform. The accurate definition of the spotlight removes the glare, protecting your patients’ eyes
The scialytic effect
Optimal light on the operating field, reducing to minimum the shadow produced by the instrument interposed between the light and the field. The new FARO dental LED light produces the smallest net shadow of the market.
The spotlight produced is comprised between 3.000 and 50.000 lux.
Progressive adjustment of the illuminance
The new electronic control of the illuminance, activated by joystick or sensor,adjusts the light from maximum to minimum power without any interruption,keeping the colour temperature constant.
Chromatic performance (CRI)
The standard states that the lamp light must have a CRI index higher than 85; the index of this new FARO lamp gives a typical value of 95, assuring a colour performance never achieved in LED operating lights. The new LED, besides a high chromatic performance given by the reduction of the blue colour component in favour of the red component, limit the potential photochemical risk.
FARO handiness
The perfect balancing, combined with the exclusive rotation system of the head on the optical axis, assures the best precision in the orientation of the light beam, reducing the risk of an accidental dazzling for the patient.
Electronic controls
  • Switching control and dimming: micro-joystick on the head
  • Switching control and dimming version also from unit, or by foot control
  • Electronic lighting adjustment by microprocessor
  • Remote control from the unit: allows to repeat all joystick functions
  • Automatic memorization of used light intensity, also after switching off the unit’s power or after the ‘rinse’ function
  • Sound signal at minimum and maximum light intensity
  • Exclusive ‘one touch’ regulation (composite position) to reach the minimum intensity with a simple ‘click’
  • NEW PROXIMITY SENSOR with shielding devices for high-output radio frequencies

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