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Tags: Clinical Light, Dental Light

TEiDental Offers Brite Tetron - is the largest in the Brite family. Perfect for an examination room where you might need a bigger enlightened area. The powerful and precise light flows over your workplace and creates optimal conditions for assesing colour shades in your work environment. Shadow-, glare- and flicker free of course.

A popular choice

Tetron is a popular choice among our health care and dental practice customers, perfect for an examination room where you might need a bigger enlightened area.

Light quality is key

Brite Tetron produces a glare, shadow and flicker free light that positively flows, so you feel alert and happy. It's a light fitting in its purest form with a unique light. And because it lasts for around 50,000 hours, you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Discreet design directs the light

Quadruple, parallel light sources direct the light into the centre where it's blended to create a soft, shadow-free light. With the remote control, you have full control over the brightness of the light and you can dim the light flicker free. Brite Tetron has been designed by industrial designers with many years of experience of light design and light ergonomics.

For workplaces with high standards

Brite Tetron has been developed for those who work in clinical environments and environments in which perfect vision is required.

Environments in which the ability to concentrate and make decisions plays an essential part, for instance:

  • Healthcare
  • Dentistry
  • Animal care
  • Laboratories
  • Medical- and dental technology
  • Beauty- and Tattoo Studios
  • Office
Maintenance free and hygienic

Thanks to the high-quality, integrated LED modules, we've been able to create a sealed unit, so dirt and bacteria can't get in and the light is virtually maintenance free. In addition, electromagnetic and alternating fields are screened by the solid aluminium design.

Designed price tag

When we designed Brite we started with the price tag. We wanted to create a light fitting that was affordable but, at the same time, world-class. Here is the result, which is at the top of its game when it comes to light quality, nothing else.

No shadows

Hundreds of small LED sources work together to spread the light evenly with help from integrated micro prisms – leaving you with no shadows, better working conditions and fewer mistakes being made.

Glare free

A light guide plate and micro prismatic sheets smooths the light of Brite and take away glare. It increases your ergonomics and quality of work. Besides this, it makes it much more comfortable for the patient.

Low energy consumption

With LED-technology comes low energy consumtion. Besides LED-techology, Brite is optimized to deliver as much light as possible through an advanced construction of reflectors, diffusing sheets and micro prismatic sheets.

Minimal heat radiation

With a cooling construction in aluminium and LED-technology. Brite will provide your working environment with minimal heat radiation.

  • 1200 x 550 x 45 mm
  • CRI 94
  • IP30-rated
  • Flicker free
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