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D-TEC Brite Triton

D-TEC Brite Triton

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Tags: office lighting system, clinical lighting system

Brite Triton's powerful and precise light flows over your workplace and creates optimal conditions for assesing colour shades in your work environment. Shadow-, glare- and flicker free of course. Brite Triton is available in two variants, one with warm white middle leg (3000 Kelvin) and one with uniform color temperature throughout the luminaire (6500 Kelvin). 

Warm and cold light in dynamic harmony.

If you choose Brite Triton D (Dynamic), it is delivered with the mid-leg in warm white (3000 Kelvin) color temperature. It's a great feature for you that switches between color precision and non-color precision when you blend in a warm soft light making it restful for your eyes. When working with coloring / color viewing, the center leg is turned off on the supplied remote control.

New Unique feature - Dynamic daylight simulation

On a regular day outdoors, the light temperature varies based on time of day, sunrise and the types of clouds that filter the sunlight. The same type of experience is provided by Triton's dynamic daylight simulation. Daylight simulation creates a natural light experience and varies from a warmer to a colder color temperature steplessly. The shifts between color temperatures occur steplessly and are so subtle that you will hardly perceive them with the naked eye, but they stimulate your senses in a similar way as the natural variations of daylight do outdoors.

Dynamic daylight simulation is included if you choose Brite Triton D.

Light quality is key 

Brite produces a glare, shadow and flicker free light that positively flows, so you feel alert and happy. It's a light fitting in its purest form with a unique light. And because Brite lasts for around 50,000 hours, you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Discreet design directs the light 

Double, parallel light sources direct the light into the centre where it's blended to create a soft, shadow-free light. With the optional remote control (included in Brite Duo), you have full control over the brightness of the light and you can dim the light flicker free. Brite has been designed by industrial designers with many years of experience of light design and light ergonomics.

Designed price tag

When we designed Brite we started with the price tag. We wanted to create a light fitting that was affordable but, at the same time, world-class. The result was Brite, which is at the top of its game when it comes to light quality, nothing else.

Maintenance free and hygienic

Thanks to the high-quality, integrated LED modules, we've been able to create a sealed unit, so dirt and bacteria can't get in and the light is virtually maintenance free. In addition, electromagnetic and alternating fields are screened by the solid aluminium design.

For workplaces with high standards

Brite Triton has been developed for those who work in clinical environments and environments in which perfect vision is required. Environments in which the ability to concentrate and make decisions plays an essential part, for instance

  • Healthcare
  • Dentistry
  • Animal care
  • Laboratories
  • Medical- and dental technology
  • Beauty- and Tattoo Studios
  • Office

Brite is used as lightsource in light demanding environments and workspaces.

D-TEC Brite Triton
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