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Faro Nisea - Class B Autoclave

Faro Nisea - Class B Autoclave

Manufactured By:Faro

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Product Code:FANISEA01

Tags: Autoclave, Steam Sterilizer


The Faro NISEA - Class B Autoclave  is the newest model from Italian manufacturer Faro, manufacturing Dental equipment since 1948 and Sterilization equipment since 1980. It is fast, ergonomic, features an intuitive easy to use HD color touch screen display and provides inbuilt traceability to meet the requirements of the most advanced professional instrument processing needs. 

Cycle reports are permanently saved in the internal memory and can be downloaded in PDF format via USB, Ethernet, or printed to paper using an optional external printer. Alternatively the same printer can easily be configured to print barcode labels for tracing critical instruments.

The User Management System makes it possible to identify each operator who have their own pin code when using the sterilizer and match them with the cycles performed for optimal traceability

Thanks to the optimization activities of the thermodynamic cycle, the NISEA Premium completes cycles in a short time, while minimizing water consumption. The B-Flash cycle, flagship of FARO technology, allows the unit to carry out class B cycles in a shorter time, preserving all the qualities of this type of cycle. 

Faro NISEA - Class B Premium Autoclave has been developed to guarantee precise and effective drying in any conditions and with any type of load. NISEA models come with a motorized door, dust filter, water conductivity meter and delayed start option.


  • High definition colour touch screen
  • USB, Ethernet connection. (Wi-Fi optional)
  • User management
  • Cycle printing setup
  • Barcode label printing setup
  • Type B & S cycles
  • Vacuum, Helix, Bowie & Dick tests
  • Manual or auto water fill
  • Emergency front water fill
  • Water conductivity sensor
  • Delayed start
  • Longer drying time option
  • Tray with 5 shelves as standard
  • Tray with 3 shelves for surgical containers (optional)
  • Available in 18 or 23 litre models
Faro Nisea - Class B Autoclave
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