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Anthogyr Osteo Safe

Anthogyr Osteo Safe

Manufactured By:Anthogyr

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The 1st automatic Osteotome  !

Osteo Safe is indicated for crestal approach sinus lifts and bone condensation in the upper jaw. This unique solution ensures comfort for the patient and improved stress management, providing the practitioner with a perfectly executed, reproducible movement that is 100% effective.

  • OSTEO SAFE® provides enhanced safety and comfort for the patient, resulting in better treatment acceptance.
  • Greater peace of mind for the practitioner with OSTEO SAFE®. The controlled impaction achievable for this delicate procedure allows for minimally invasive and totally safe bone preparation.
  • OSTEO SAFE® ensures precision and saves time. The simple, short and progressive sequence of 4 diameters of osteotomes means that AXIOM® implants can be placed during the same surgical procedure.
  • OSTEO SAFE® can be held in one hand, offering enhanced visibility during surgery and allowing the practitioner to fully focus on the surgical procedure.
  • OSTEO SAFE® is unique as it is the first pre-calibrated impaction instrument that connects directly to a micromotor.
  • A free tailored programme has been developed for Anthogyr IMPLANTEO® surgical motor owners.
  • Sold as a complete kit in its surgical sterilisation cassette containing, 16 osteotome inserts (straight and bayonet, concave and convex insert tips), 1 manual screwdriver and accessories (mandrel and mandrel extension).
Anthogyr Osteo Safe
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