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ALYA Led Dental Light With TheiaTech

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FARO THEIATECH is the innovative LED lighting system which enhances the view range of the pre-operative area, through a lighting balance inside the dental practice in order to reduce the doctor's visual stress. The operative area illuminance is included between 15.000 and 50.000 LUX, while the surrounding areas (pre-operative and circulation area) are characterized by a softer lighting (500 LUX).

The continuous passage between different levels of illuminance forces the doctor to a constant focusing which implies recurring contractions and dilatations of the iris. The eye-strain is harmful for the doctor's health and can compromise the success of his work.

THEIATECH was studied and designed by FARO S.p.A to create an illuminated range of transition where the instruments are usually placed, in order to allow the doctor to perform accurate operations, inspect the pre-operative area and interact with the staff in complete comfort.

A good condition of light is important for the doctor's health 

Dental practice lighting is crucial for both the success of the work and the health and safety of the staff who require a better view and an adequate visual comfort. According to some studies, 30% of the dentists are affected within the age of 30 by early deterioration of the eyesight, mainly caused by visual stress. To relive this fatigue, the only viable solution lies in increasing the illumination of the working area in order to make the visual passage from the oral cavity to the surrounding areas much more gradual.

The new technology THEIATECH

Integrated into the rear arm of Alya dental light, THEIATECH was created to work in synergy with the operative light: the illuminance level of the arm is synchronized with the dead light in order to ensuer a unifrom illumination over the whole working area.

Power Supply (without power supply unit) 24 Vac +/- 10% 50/60Hz - 24 Vdc +/ - 10%
Power consumption 40 VA -28 VA
Light source 2 LED ALYA 
LUX from 3.000 to 50.000 LUX (at 700 mm distance) ALYA
from 800 to 1.500 LUX (at 500 mm distance)  THEIATECH
ALYA Led Dental Light With TheiaTech
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