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Aster-Plus Dental LED Light

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Aster-Plus Dental LED Light

Aster-Plus, which represent an optimal compromise between quality and price, it is a figment of the technological development and the evolution of the Aster lamp.Aster-Plus has a perfect state of the art optical system, a new mechanic technology with new plastics and a brand new handle with an ergonomic and elegant design.

Aster-Plus, in light of two different light spots con satisfy needs of many professional users:

  • Dentists
  • Odontologist
  • Podiatry
  • Gynaecologist
  • Dermatology (Wood lamp)
  • Veterinary
  • Estetichian
  • Tatooist

Design and ergonomic 100% made in Italy

Aster-Plus design, developed completely in Italy, is characterized to smooth lines without angles and edges. Shapes, based on experience and sensibility and the autoclavable handles assure perfect hygiene and optimal ergonomic use.
Aster-Plus allows smooth movements without hang ups: its arm cam be se in 7 positions meanwhile the lamp head has 6 movements on three axis. Every placement has been studied to provide the max grade of ergonomic and simplicity of use.
Aster Plus is a lamp that allows many different configurations, based on use and user need. Either the arm or all other holding blocks, at unit, ceiling, wall and floor have been designed to allow the passing thorough of the cables.
High level performances Optical efficiency, that is coming from patented Fresnel lenses and a brand new electronic guarantee:

  • a perfectly neutral light, perfectly focalized with a color temperature of 5,400 K max;
  • a perfect color perception of the illuminated area with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80 points;
  • a real perception of the objects in light of a white light with max brightness more than 35,000 lux accomplished with LED technology.

3 steps dimming system allows to change the brightness from 15,000 to 35,000 lux to get the usage of the Aster-Plus lamp even in presence of the photo-curing composites resins
Thanks to LED technology it is not possible to perceive any temperature coming from Aster-Plus, which works in silent without the need of a fan. Moreover, the life cycle exceed the 50,000 hours and therefore the power consumptions are extremely reduced.
High quality materials
Lamp arm is made of aluminum with powder coating. Materials that assure resistance and long reliability with easy cleaning, allows a complete compliance at the hygiene standards requested by medical sector.
Lamp head has been developed with new polymers, furthermore robust, studied expressly to guarantee even more reliability with the same lightness.

Aster-Plus Dental LED Light
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