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Dental HALO Light Edi - Without Transformer

Manufactured By:Faro

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Product Code:M011002

Tags: Dental HALO Light Edi Machine

Optimal lighting

EDI is a dental light with a state-of-the-art design that perfectly illuminates the oral cavity. It is equipped with accessories and versions that make it a complete lighting system, capable to satisfy the dentist’s requirements. The halogen light source is reflected onto a rear double parabolic glass that guarantees a light without shadows and a well defined luminous spot: 180 x 60 mm.

Ergonomics and comfort

EDI has articulated arms that allow an easy light orientation with smooth and precise movements. The first arm of 75 cm (90 cm upon request), with an overlapped coupling and its small arch turned down to prolong the extension, allows wide movements. The light quality is excellent as color temperature, uniformity of the lighted area and intensity. The intensity is adjusted by a cursor placed in the rear part of the headlight. In order to turn it on you should press the switch placed on the headlight or through the proximity sensor. To adjust the temperature of the external parts, EDI is equipped with a silent and effective forced ventilation system. Its design combines ergonomics with easiness of intervention, with smooth and rounded surfaces for an easy cleaning. The selection of materials and components and the attention to details assure a perfect integration with any kind of dental unit. The handles have a quick fixing system for an easy and direct assembly after sterilization.

Practicality and flexibility

EDI can be easily positioned in any situation, thanks to its arms with an overlapped coupling. EDI can be mounted on any type of dental unit, on the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor and on a pole, thanks to a complete application line for dental lights created by Faro

2-D rotation or 3-D as an option

  • Perfect balance of the 2-D rotation system on the two axes of the head.
  • As an option a system on the third axis of rotation 3-D which allows to achieve a better positioning is available.

Electronic control

  • Switching control on the head or by proximity sensor
  • Microprocessor assisted fan cooling system
  • Opened Sterilizable or Fixed and Fork handgrips


  • Three-axes rotation system
  • Complete RAL colour range
Dental HALO Light Edi - Without Transformer
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