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ACE AiroTorq - Brushless Micromotor System

Manufactured By:Technodent

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ACE AiroTorq :  is a brushless electric micro-motor, air to electric conversion kit that installs on any delivery system. This most innovative award winning technology from TEi Dental, redefine modern dental standards with high-precision performance and high-level reliability. The ACE AiroTorque is powered by a Swiss brushless, dual lighting micro-motor technology for seamless results in both high and low speed procedures. 


  1. Powered by a D-302 – A2E with Blue (UV) light PCB board 
  2. Light weight Swiss brushless micro-motor MO-33
    1. Offers smooth constant torque (Max 3.5 Ncm) for restorative treatment
    2. Less noise and vibration
    3. Top Feature: Dual lighting White (25,000 lux) & UV Led for composite cutting
    4. Top Feature: Reduced maintenance requirements with lubrication-free motor
  3. External power supply offers high wattage DC 36V 120W for high class performance & safety
  4. Included High Speed contra-angle 1:5 hand piece with ceramic bearings & LED in super light titanium sleeve
  5. Top Feature: Water can be controlled from the hose connector on the motor end
  6. Speed control knob / forward & reverse operation
  7. Top Feature: Installs on the existing delivery system & Operates with the existing Rheostat in the dental unit
  8. Top Feature: Easy quick connect system for motor cord
  9. Top Feature: Anti-bacterial & bio-film protected water hose certified by DVGW, Germany
  10. Motor speed range from:
    1. 1500 – 40,000 rpm (1:1)
    2. 15,000 – 200,000 (1:5)
    3. 100 – 2500 rpm (16:1)
  11. Light, table-top and small control box for easy handling
  12. Two years warranty on motor, tubing & control box
  13. After sale service and spares available 24X7

ACE AiroTorq
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