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ACE Maximus - Dental Cart Unit

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The ACE Maximus is the All-in-One solution offering you the full range of treatment options seamlessly integrated in an easy to use mobile Dental Cart. No need for additional equipment anymore; our system is integrated with our German pneumatic valve drive system and powered by the Bien Air iOptima INT module to give you life long reliability. The system lets you perform your restorative procedures, endo treatments (incl. reciprocating mode) and surgical procedures incl. implant placement. A Piezo scaling function and an air turbine is included as well.


Make your life easier with TEiDental's All-in-One system. Highly versatile, the ACE Maximus enables you to perform most of your dental procedures. Fully integrated into a Stand-Alone dental cart, the system guarantees optimal space savings and ensures that your working environment is fully operational.


Coupled to the iOptimaINT and the MX2 motor, the new Bien-Air Dental CA ENDO contra-angle has been specially designed for root canal treatment in continuous as well as reciprocating mode. It is therefore fully compatible with standard endodontic files as well as with WaveOne Gold files by Dentsply Sirona Inc. and RECIPROC files by VDW®. In addition, its small head ensures optimal handling and improved visibility of the surgical field.

  • Micro head for easier access and maximum visibility in mouth Head Size 8.6×H9.3mm
  • Easy insertion of the file without pushing the button
  • Compatible with standard and reciprocating endodontic files


Thanks to its multiple advantages, the combination of the iOptima INT, MX2 micromotor and EVO.15 1:5 contra-angle allows you to carry out all your restorative work, from cavity preparation to finishing and polishing your filling. With advanced electronic management, the MX2 micromotor is extremely stable and powerful, even at low speed. Combined with the EVO.15 1:5’s revolutionary file chuck system, this motor/contra-angle set ensures vibration-free procedure with unmatched accuracy.

  • Slowspeed contra-angle (1:1) not needed anymore
  • CoolTouch+TM heat-arresting    technology
  • Shockproof head

Oral surgery & implantology

Driven by the iOptimaINT, the MX-i micro motor combined with the CA 20:1 contra-angle offer you the best technology for all your surgical procedures. While the MX-i’s high torque will overcome all your implant procedures, the CA 20:1’s internal irrigation system will help you avoid discomfort when handling the instrument.

  • 50 Ncm
  • Irrigation technology patented
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Equipped with a pump for sterile water supply

From pilot drilling to implant placement, from osteotomy to tooth extraction, simply select the desired procedure and follow the pre-set surgical protocols.

ACE Maximus - Dental Cart Unit
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