Linda3 PODO

Linda3 Podo is a Podiatry chairs line which is designed to satisfy every health care provider’s need in the fields of podiatry, cosmetics and general practice

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Linda3 PODO is a podiatric chair equipped with electronically controlled movement, independently from height, backrest or leg rest inclination. It offers programmable treatment positions among which Trendelenburg. Two independent leg rests are included with the Linda3 PODObis, which allow the doctor to choose the most proper positioning of the patient’s foot and give the professional more freedom and place to operate on one single foot.

  • Electromechanical up/down movements, tilting backrest, adjustable leg rest;
  • Anatomical backrest, with lateral arm support wings, to enhance the patient's comfort
  • Ergonomic PODO headrest
  • Fully left and right symmetry, for both left and right handed professionals
  • Mobile high precision pedal control
  • Emergency chair stop onto both backrest and leg rest
  • Automatic return to “0” position after the treatment
  • 3 programmable operating positions
  • Minimum height 50 cm, which allows easy access also for elder and disabled patients
  • Anatomical upholstery without seams

Options Linda3 PODO:

  • Inox basin with support
  • Magnetic leg rest pillow
  • Children pillow

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