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ACE SA300 Stand-alone Dental Cart

ACE SA300 Stand-alone Dental Cart

Manufactured By:Technodent

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ACE SA300 : Stand-alone Dental Cart

"German Pneumatic automated drive system" free of complex electronics carrying a worldwide patent. This is one of the most advanced pneumatic dental drive system available in the world today backed by world famous German precision engineering.

The highly advanced and patented pneumatic German technology of the ACE 300 delivery systems augurs well with its compact size and seamless integration. The systems’ sophisticated platform is capable of handling three or more instruments which can be integrated at any future phase of expansion or modernization. The air and water flow within the unit, at each stage, are regulated by pneumatic micro check valves, relays and regulators which are specially made in-house at our manufacturing facility in Germany. The ACE 300 is equipped with a highly intuitive application which can be downloaded on any Android-based tablet or phone as a display panel, which allows for multiple-user settings with password protection, instrument speed and power adjustments, as well as water spray regulation.


  • Configuration flexibility for use with scaler, air-motor, turbine, electric motor, curing light etc.
  • Multiple micro-motors with the same driver can be used within the same system;
  • Blue tooth enabled touch screen can be used from any android device to determine the settings of instruments. Multiple doctors can save their preferred program which is password protected.
  • Tubing on dentist module can easily be replaced via quick coupling;

User Friendly

  • 1st hand piece out pneumatic safety lock-out system and automatic recognition of instruments.
  • Unbreakable & light syringe with removable head for disinfection.
  • One switch for water, air and electricity to protect your chair and your clinic.
  • Self service and maintenance friendly with easy spares.
  • Smallest & lightest brush less micro-motor from 1500 up to 40,000 rpm. Electronic torque control up to 3.5 Ncm. and has a dual lighting i.e. UV light for composite cutting & LED white light for general use.
  • The water bottle has an automated inbuilt fine mesh filter and pressure regulator with an auto pressure release valve for exchanging or refilling the bottle.

Safer Treatment

  • Water-supply hosing are made of material that slows the growth of bacteria, fungi & biofilm.
  • Water bottle is close to instruments for lesser chance of contamination in tubings.
  • Out-drop valves to prevent suck back of contaminated water into delivery system tubing.
  • All instrument holders and hoses can be removed for disinfection.


  • Our water-supply hoses are made of material that slows the growth of bacteria, fungi & bio-film. The hoses are tested according to DVGW (German Technical & Scientific Association for Gas & Water) Worksheet W270, KTW (Plastics in Drinking water regulation) & CE compliant (Medical devices directive 93/42/EEC)
  • The outer hose is made in our in-house facility with high grade special elastomers and are non-sticky & very long lasting

Spares & Accessories:

  • Our Water Bottle System, unbreakable 3F-Syringe, unit-side couplings and connectors, valves and regulators (including pressure regulators and switches, control and servo valves), connection elements etc. are made with highly versatile engineering polymer, with low friction and low wear, toughness and high resistance to repeated impacts, long-term fatigue endurance, wide end-use temperature range, injection molded and machined at our factory.
  • All spares are available with us 365 days a year

The MOST Valuable advantage of an ACE-300SA unit is that the repairs & maintenance can be carried out without using any tools as most spares are assembled with easy handling design technology which guarantees continuity of your dental practice. All the spares are designed and manufactured at our facility in Germany under highly controlled quality standards with sophisticated and precision machinery. The raw materials used are well researched and procured only from the best in the world.

  • Modular delivery unit has a choice of 3, 4 or 5 Instruments in any combination
  • Future upgrades can be very easily implemented
  • Position of the instrument can be easily replaced by our patented quick couplings
  • Available in Retrofit, dental cart, cabinet & dental chair mount unit models from basic to most advanced system
  • Spares made from high quality engineering polymer with long term fatigue endurance.
ACE SA300 Stand-alone Dental Cart
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